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# Equal contribution
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Lev I#, Toker IA#, Mor Y#, Nitzan A, Weintraub G, Antonova O, Bhonkar O, Ben Shushan I, Seroussi U, Claycomb JM, Anava S, Gingold H, Zaidel-Bar R, Rechavi O. (2019) Germ Granules Govern Small RNA Inheritance. Current biology.
# Equal contribution



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# Equal contribution
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* Corresponding author



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See also Leading Edge Commentary in Cell 

* Corresponding author



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* Corresponding author



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WorMachine: Machine Learning-Based Phenotypic Analysis Tool for Worms

A three-step MATLAB-based image analysis software developed in the Rechavi Lab that allows automated identification of C. elegans worms, extraction of morphological features, and quantification of fluorescent signals.